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Attorney Williams is a results-oriented practitioner.  Getting you the outcome you want is her top priority.

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Attorney Williams prides herself on client satisfaction, and will do everything necessary to fight the charges against her clients. She is a skilled professional with an array of experience in civil, criminal, and employment law matters.

About Attorney Williams

Experienced DUI Defense and Traffic Criminal Defense attorney

18 Years of Criminal and Civil Law Experience

Attorney Williams is a passionate and fearless advocate for her clients in civil, criminal, and traffic matters. She has handled hundreds of hearings and trials, including jury and bench trials.

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Client Satisfaction is Top Priority

At Williams Law Firm, we work with clients at every stage of the litigation process. We have hundreds of happy clients with proven results.

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Why pay extraordinary fees for legal representation? Our rates for services are competitive and reasonable. The Williams Law Firm utilizes technology to fuel its paperless office concept. In many cases, this allows the firm to keep billable costs low.

Our Areas of Practice

Attorney Williams has successfully represented clients in civil, criminal, and traffic matters.

Drunk Driving / DUI / OWI Defense

The Williams Law Firm handles DUI, OWI, and Reckless Driving matters in DC. You have a right to refuse to submit to field sobriety tests (such as walk and turn, eyeball tests, etc.). You have the right to refuse to blow into any kind of machine that gives a breath sample. Call Attorney Williams if you have a matter of this nature to learn more about your rights.

Criminal Traffic Defense

Driving without a license? Were you stopped by police and arrested for Operating After Suspension, Operating After Revocation or No Permit? You need an attorney who will negotiate a fair disposition from the prosecutor based on your case. Call Attorney Williams for assistance with these matters.

Our Client Reviews

“Jacqueline communicated effectively and was very knowledgeable. She got me through the proceess with the result I wanted..”
“She was excellent. She is very well versed and educated. She get the job done. She stands for nothing but serving your defense. She not all about the money.. Defending you is her passion.. Thanks jackie.. Ps. Karis..”
“This is a wonderful attorney whom I am honored to have met and have represent my case. She knows the law and what adds to her valued expertise is that she knows the courthouse.”