Court Witness Representation

Did you receive a Subpoena to Testify?

Do the Police want to Question you?

Witness are entitled to protection throughout the criminal process. As a Witness you deserve legal protection at every stage.

Witnesses in criminal cases need protection even though they are not necessarily the subject of a criminal proceeding. If you get a subpoena to appear for a criminal a case witness, you must call a lawyer immediately for representation. Attorney Jacqueline Williams has experience representing individuals in court cases where they are called by the government to testify as a witness. Call (301) 693-6928 for representation when speaking to the police, at the grand jury, or at trial. Do not go into the grand jury or trial alone. Do not speak to police alone. You have rights and the police and prosecutors are not paid to protect your interests.


Authorities may want to ask you questions related to an open criminal investigation. Call (301) 693-6928 for representation.

You may be tempted to believe that because you have done nothing wrong, you should speak with police and prosecutors without a lawyer. You should not. Investigations and interviews with police can be tricky. The police can lie to you. Prosecutors can misinterpret your words. Suspicion may be directed your way even though you did not intend to give information against yourself. Call a lawyer to help you navigate this stressful process.


A subpoena is a court order. You cannot refuse to comply with a subpoena, and whatever you say to police or prosecutors cannot be unsaid. You may even be recorded. Where possible, the prosecutors and police can and will use your words against you if it helps their case and fits the narrative they want the jury to believe. Prosecutors will try to seek a broad range of information from you which may be confidential, incriminating and even privileged. You need representation to protect your interests and help you understand the process.

Representation in Grand jury and trial

If you are subpoenaed to testify as a witness at the grand jury or at trial, you may be fearful and uncertain about appearing in front of the prosecutor and grand jury. Testimony before the grand jury is very different from testimony at trial. Help from an experienced attorney is essential. You have a right to confer with your attorney to ask questions before, during and after you appear as a witness. You have a right to representation even if you are not a criminal suspect.

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